Monday, August 17, 2009

How to keep yourself awake

Well, been ages since I updated my blog. Reasons are life, assignments and many more finals.
Due to that reasons, I have found out many useful techniques to stay awake at night/in class/during exam :P

Lets start with the first
1) Well people says that exercise allow us to be awake during the time. This keep our brain alert and awake. The following images are the type of exercise you do.

Sleeping is a good form of exercise :P what you expect?

Shooting like idiot... keep your awake.

Walk you dog is good for fresh air.

You could also ask others to help you ;)...

2) Computer games keep your mind ready for the next move..

Looks refreshing huh?

3) Eating keeps you awake ;)

Eating is good but don't overeat :p

4) Last but not least...
Sometimes unexpected event happens usually at night or by the time you almost fall asleep...

A feed from MSN :P

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Post Laju vs Pos Express

Well, i don't get it. Why do Pos Malaysia wants to named them differently. Isn't laju the same meaning as express? Anyway from the research i have found, both has the same speed but abit different ways of sending the item.

Pos Express is for documents and its cheaper then Pos Laju with a weight limit of 500gram.
Pos Laju is expensive and the heavier it is the more expensive it get.
However, Pos Express just leaves your mail in your mailbox. It is kinda unsafe if you are sending something important. Pos Laju need a signature of the recipient or anyone who can representing him/her. If fail to deliver (in case you are not at home), you need to make an appointment for 2nd delivery or to visit the HQ to collect manually.

Both of them guaranty to reach in 1 day delivery.

Anyway, I purchased some items online and I uses both service to see the different.

Pos Express

Postage send on the 13th March and i got the package on the 18th March. OMG... Well it sure is fast lol. I paid RM 5 for it. OMG i was walking to General Office everyday to check the freaking pos

Pos Laju

Postage send on the 19th March and i got it on thr 20th March. And I paid RM 6 for it. With additional 1 ringgit. It come faster then the express.

Of coz both have this so call ONLINE tracking thinggy. Expess show me no package for a week. I called up Pos Office and they told me they never recieve my package.
Pos Laju show me on the same day that they got my pakage already and by 8am, it reaches Nilai Pos office and 8.45am it attemp to send to me already.

So for all folks out there trying to purchase stuff. Please request for Pos Laju, as it is much more worth the single cent you are paying for. Besides, I don't want to visit General Office everyday to check it lol. Kinda tired of walking since INTI is so damn big.

EDITED 23/10/2011

Well for those who are asking whats the different since both promises the same 1 day delivery to certain area.
1) Pos Express do not require signature when delivered where else Pos Laju required it. If not one at home, you need to reschedule or collect it yourself

2) Express is more on to documents while Laju offers both docs and parcel

3) :P if you didn't notice one Express is in English and Laju is in Bahasa (Joke)

4) Express does not calculate by weight but by the size of the envelope u buy.
However Laju calculate by volume or weight

PS. register post is cheap and rubbish. will take a decade before it reaches you. HIGHLY not recommended

Use express for docs or if you plan to get cheap stuffs.
Use Laju for pricey and guaranteed delivery. may add insurance for safety reasons

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

CADIE, or Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity, is part of Google's 2009 April Fool's Day pranks. CADIE is a newly created artificial intelligence with the personality of a teenager.

By analyzing trends in social networks, for example, she created a blog and YouTube channel to show her love of pandas. She determined this love and the look of her blog by analyzing user trends.

Google claimed that CADIE was now a regular Google employee and already working on a 20% project.

There's also a special version of Chrome with 3D. Every time you press the 3D button, it gives the graphics on the page a red/blue shadow. Google also provided a PDF of 3D glasses you can print out for "viewing" the 3D effect.

:) if you all didn't know, Google loves April's Fool. They always come out with interesting hoax and of come some of them became real. Gmail is one of them. Read more at Wikepedia Google Hoax.

On 2007 April fools day, it introduced Gmail paper where users can send free emails in paper carried by Google staff and a Toilet internet service provider (TISP) that provides a free Internet connection through the users toilet using the flush.

The best of the previous editions were Google MentalPlex which could actually read what you find and do the searches and the Google Romance.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour at INTI-UC

Wow, Finally the time has come, Earth Hour at INTI!!!! Well there was one earth hour 2 days ago which is held on the 26th and the respond is ok...
So now, lets check the actual earth hour at INTI-UC.

Before Earth Hour

During Earth Hour

Anyway I don't see much different here. Maybe I should take pictures of other blocks as I took it from my room. However they should be some reasons why it isn't such a successful here.
  1. Students are studying right now.
    I myself have to complete my assignments and go through tests next week.

  2. Students are at MPH watching movies
    In conjunction of Earth Hour, a club at INTI-uc is organizing a movie marathon at MPH (Multi Purpose Hall).

    I though the Earth Day is to notify people about the concious of the environment is being polluted and hoping human race will use less energy and stuff like that. Having this event promote energy consumption and more CFC to human as the air-con of MPH is huge!

  3. They are back home with their lights on.
  4. They don't give a damn about this.
  5. Most of the students are back home due to Sat/Sun
  6. God itself

    "I am light, He who follows me will never be in darkness"
    Maybe that the reason why we cant see any darkness outside :P
A nuffnang campaign for Earth Day

Lol, i was browsing thought and saw it. I when and check hotmail and googles and other famous website. Seems to me they are not down due to Earth day. Or maybe i should check at their time zone later :O!
I wonder would any stock market stop for like 1 hour for this event :P or maybe some banking/financial websites. Will chaos happen it is happens.

Maybank2u Earth Hour

I guess Maybank just add in the banner support earth hour that all :P not shutting it down for an hour hehe. I bet the country will be in a chaos if that happen xD.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Backup your PC

Well PC/Personal Computer/persocom/a black box/ whatever you called it has different usage for every individuals. Of course, most of them consist of important documents which we will cry be sad if we eventually lose it.
Stuffs like assignments :P are important.

There are a few ways to backup your PC.
  1. Backup at your external HDD.
    An exact copy of what I currently have. Anyway, any users could simply add in documents when they fill like doing backup or by using application such as winrar, norton backup, Acronis True Image or any backup applications. This of course uses your own harddrisk space.

  2. Backup using a free online base storage
    Well any users can register Mozy (Click this link) which provides 2gb free storage for you to backup your computer. All you have to do is to setup, sit back and relax. It will perform backup the way you set it. I set it to backup my documents (this is because my isp isn't good) therefore documents for me only.
    Oh yea, you are able to download the documents online as well.
    And of course, you can use file sharing system like rapidshare, megaupload, or mediafire.
    Web Control Panel

    Application's Configuration

  3. Pendrives
    You can also copy paste it to you pendrive. But the chances that it will be lost is high :). So backup smartly.

    ok.... you caught me, the small thinggy is my usb donggle not pendrive.. its to illustrate the size of the pendrive anyway :P. Besides I use to have a pendrive that small but due to misplacing I lost it. See!! It isn't save to keep it in a pendrive.
More to come if I could think of anyway except burning it into VCDs/DVDs.

It all begin...

It all begin on one boring day today, where I was forced persuaded motivated inspired by my good friend Ken to start blogging about nonsenses which happen around me.

Oh well lets get things started. A burger which inspired me with my thought now is a burger which I have gotten from a new burger stall behind Wong Kok. Kinda nice, but surprisingly the owner of the stall is Chinese!!!

Juicy, large, and finger licking good (hope KFC won't sue me for copying it's trademark). The best of all is the price of it. Its around RM 3.20. Well what you expect, a Burger special cost RM 3. Oblong cost RM 4. At least this new burger is cheap. This is something you don't see everyday at INTI.

Anyone new thing which is happening nowdays. 3 or 4 days ago, where there is a huge thunder storm. Our ISP, Extreme Broadband Sdn Bhd or called EBB or EXBB or whatever you called them had their hardware toasted by the lightning. Cool ??? Well not for us which are struggling for our assignments and test (demotivate as no internet).
I though my Lan cable/network card/laptop/Lan port is toasted. But luckly its not. Anyway it took them 3 days, OMFG our assignments to bring back their network for us. But its only wireless. Well at least they fixed my room. I pitied the block K students which they are struggling with Block L/P's wireless network.

For the love of GOD!!! I need my internet!!!

Ken is pushing nagging asking wondering whether I have finish writing this post or not as he plan to spam read it